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Tugas Pengertian direct dan indirect

Pengertian direct dan indirect


In the sentence immediately, we repeated the utterance the speaker (speakers) exactly the same. Direct sentences are typically used in conversation in the book, drama, or in parentheses.


Direct to indirect changes in the statement marked with 'that'.
Direct sentences that reporting his sentence has the form of present tense verbs (simple present, present continuous, and present perfect or future tense) then no change tenses in the reported sentence in the form of (indirect). This usually occurs if:
1. Reported an ongoing conversation
2. Reading the letter and report on what the letter
3. Reading the command and immediately report it in time
4. Reported statements that often appear

Contoh kalimat

1. He said to me, “Are you going away today?”
2. He asked me , “can you come along?”
3.  She says to her friend, ” I have been writing “.
4. She has told you, ” I am reading “.
5.  She will say, ” You have done wrongly “.

1. He asked me whether I was going away that day.
2. He asked me if I could come along.
3. She has told you that he is reading.
4. She will tell them that the boy wasn’t lazy.
5. She says to her friend that he has been writing

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